Friday, March 18, 2005

Tony Benn - I never thought this would happen

Tony Benn is the Chairman of the "Stop the War" Coalition in Britain. In urging people to take part in the coalition's demonstration in London tomorrow, the former Labour minister says that our "standing shoulder to shoulder with Bush" has led to an "unprecedented attack on our civil liberties". He mentions not only the POTA house arrest provisions, but also proposals to make it illegal to demonstrate outside government buildings. I find myself in strange company. Benn is a left-wing aristocrat and his political instincts are usually appalling. On this occasion I find myself agreeing with him - to my astonishment.

Whether or not you agree with the US/UK intervention in Iraq (I do, though I am furious our government lied to persuade us to support it) tomorrow may be a near-to-last chance to exercise your democratic right to protest. You might consider taking part.

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