Monday, April 11, 2005

Labour activists had 'vote-rigging factory' to hijack postal votes

I really can't understand why this story is not dominating the election campaign. It amazes me that any party can survive such a scandal, given the clear evidence that the scheme of postal voting was all but designed to facilitate the crime, and that the crime itself was organised not by renegades but by the local Labour party.

The judge in the case said that, in relation to Labour's new postal voting system, "There are no systems to deal realistically with fraud and there never have been." He added "Until there are, fraud will continue unabated".

According to the Daily Telegraph the judge, Richard Mawrey, QC, said the councillors were responsible for a "massive, systematic and organised fraud" that was supported by the local Labour Party. He also said the scandal would "disgrace a banana republic."

Telegraph News Labour activists had 'vote-rigging factory' to hijack postal votes

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