Monday, November 07, 2005

Voters back 90-day detention plan | the Daily Mail

Are they mad? Do they understand that "terrorism suspect" is not the same as "terrorist?" Can they not conceive that they, their spouses, their children or their friends could be among those suspects? How on earth can it be true that 72% of British voters are prepared to allow the liberties that have protected us for centuries to be thrown away one after another? Who are these people?

Voters back 90-day detention plan | the Daily Mail

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Bag said...

These people are the same people who followed Hitler in Germany and followed Lenin in Russia and many before that. Those that pointed out we needed something doing and stood back and cheered when some said they were the people to help them and beat up those that disagreed. People that believe if you keep your head down then it does not affect them and that there is no smoke without fire. People that know what they want but will accept second or even third best because someone has told them sacrifices have to be made, by them. In reality, I'm sorry to say, probably about 95% of people on this planet.