Monday, December 26, 2005

Met home page

Can I be the only person who has noticed that the Met website offers only two choices under "Report a Crime"? The first is "Hate crime" and the second is "Non-emergency"!

So is anything that is not a thought crime now not an emergency? Being murdered by someone who quite likes you, for example? Or by someone of the same race and/or sexual orientation? Is being hurt by someone who hates you for your race or sexual orientation really so much more painful than being hurt by someone who just doesn't like your face? Or is the Met simply signalling submissiveness to its political masters?

Only a few days to go before the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 gives the boys in blue discretion to arrest us for virtually anything. I have always believed most policemen were decent, well-meaning sorts. Now my freedom, at least when visiting my home country, depends on that being true.

Metropolitan Police Service - Homepage


Anonymous said...

"Hate Crime" online reporting is highlighted in an effort to encourage anyone who is "vulnerable" and/or too worried about the police response face to face (we're quite friendly!) when reporting a crime (e.g. to allow LGBT victims to report without baring the contents of the the closet, from which they have yet to come out of, in the nick front office).

If you click on that link, it takes you to the national online reporting site where, in fact, you can report much more that is non urgent i.e. doesn't require a 999 response, further investigation (e.g. burglary) or is reported "just for the insurance".

The other link takes you to another page with more info, where to find your local nick. If you're unsure about what to do, you can come in and talk to someone face to face or call (not 999) and speak to an operator (who will prioritise your call and assign a PC to come and see you if necessary)...and another link to the same national online reporting site.

You missed out what actually happened if you followed the links on your original post.

Tom Paine said...

I didn't miss it. I followed the links. But, anonymous friend, I think - with respect - you have missed the political point of my post.