Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Panorama | Double tragedy of Stockwell shooting

There is no sign yet of justice in the case of Jean Charles de Menezes. There was a time when a "Panorama" programme about an injustice could have been expected to lead to some result. I hope it may still be true. The comment in this BBC article about the programme does not give much hope; "However terrible those events of that day, they have to be seen in their context."

In a sense that's true. They should be seen in the context of attempts by the government to whip up hysteria about terrorism. Yes, London had been attacked. How many times has she been attacked in the past? The fact that Israel's policy on "shoot to kill" for suicide bombers requires a positive identification or at least the sighting of a bomb belt speaks volumes.

I wait in hope of this incident being named as what it was; a summary execution by a police death squad on the orders of an out-of-control elite engaged in whipping up public fear so as to justify ever-increasing political power. Somehow I doubt the New Labour poodles at the BBC will do that.

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