Monday, May 29, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Convictions too few - Goldsmith

What exactly does it mean when a Government law officer says conviction rates are "too low?" This BBC article unquestioningly accepts that it must mean tough measures are needed to increase the rates. Maybe that is right. Maybe not.

It could also mean that the Crown Prosecution Service is bringing weak cases that juries throw out - perhaps under pressure from their political masters to secure more convictions. It could also mean that our police are becoming less efficient. Perhaps the appalling state of our education system, where any old sloppy performance is praised dishonestly to the skies, is beginning to have an effect? It would be suprising if it were not.

This government has a history of setting targets which - usually - merely result in its employees rearranging matters so they are fraudulently met. Nothing really changes. For things really to change requires honest assessment of the problem and hard work to fix it. This lying, cheating government of featherweights is capable of neither. I wonder how many innocents will go to jail to meet the targets this time?

BBC NEWS | UK | Convictions too few - Goldsmith

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