Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The fog lifts over RBS's inaction on NatWest Three

I have not blogged about the "Natwest Three" because I have been waiting for the clamour of anti-Americanism to abate. I am not angry with the American authorities for using a British law which entitles them to extradite suspects. Why shouldn't they? I am angry with our incompetent Government for enacting a law to give effect to a treaty which had not been ratified by both countries and was therefore not yet in force.

The simple fact is that we should never allow our citizens to be extradited in circumstances where the country to which they are to be sent would not extradite its citizens to us.

New Labour has played fast and loose with our liberties in many ways. This is just another of them. I don't know if the "Natwest Three" are guilty. I do know that New Labour is guilty of monumental ineptitude and of brutal indifference to the liberty of British citizens. I have every confidence in the American judicial system's ability to determine the NatWest Three's guilt or innocence. I don't understand why my fellow citizens could not determine - at the polls - the political guilt of the Labour Party.

Telegraph | Money | The fog lifts over RBS's inaction on NatWest Three

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