Thursday, September 07, 2006

Police accused of inaction as anti-Jewish alliance emerges - Britain - Times Online

Years ago, I dismissed a Jewish colleague's suspicions of anti-semitism in the City of London by saying that, in my whole life, I had "never heard an anti-semitic remark" in Britain. It was true and I sincerely believed that we were beyond such nonsense.

The Times is very PC in talking of "far Right groups and Islamic extremists." European anti-semitism is now almost only to be found among our Muslim immigrants. Visit the countries they came from and read a newspaper. You will cease to be surprised.

Religious tolerance is just one more of our values that they don't share.

Facing that truth might be the beginning of a solution. Stupid talk of "sinister alliances" is no help at all. If "far-Right groups" (how do statists get to be right-wing, by the way - they are just socialists with hate figures based on race instead of class) were really involved, I have no doubt the police would be all over the problem. It's because it emanates from those elements of our community whose leaders scream "racism" and "islamophobia" at the slightest provocation that the police are too scared to act.

Police accused of inaction as anti-Jewish alliance emerges - Britain - Times Online


Anonymous said...

European anti-semitism is now almost only to be found among our Muslim immigrants.

I don't agree.

I think there is growing anti-semitism amongst the urban middle classes, which may prove to be far more dangerous than anything which emanates from UK Muslims.

From 1967 on, the left abandoned solidarity with Israel and switched over to sympathy for the Palestinian cause. I would say this is partly because of the move away from the Kibbutz movement but mainly to do with the hierarchy of victimhood.

By the 1980s university campuses regularly allowed pro-Palestians to promote their propaganda whilst any alternative view was excluded. The result is a generation of intelligent adults who have only been exposed to a one-sided account of the history of the region and not surprisingly have sympathy only for the Palestinians.

During the recent conflict, I met person after person, who were entirely informed by just the BBC for their news, and blamed the entire enterprise on Israel. For example one person, reminded that Israel recently evacuated the Gaza strip, was incredulous when I suggested that perhaps the Palestinians might encourage further evacuations were it to cease to fire rockets from Gaza.

Another person who is related to me and considers themselves a good progressive person was ignorant of the Jewsih expulsion from Arab countries. More shocking, during a particularly heated exchange, they blurted out that "Israelis hadn't learned their lesson" and "they deserved to be killed because of the evil they had done".

I don't think these are unusual. I am reminded of the French Ambassador's "Shitty Little Country" comment and note that few commentator's took issue.

Anonymous said...

Post snipped from an anti-dhimmi British blog...

"Israel is the 'canary in the coal mine' . Israel is the prototype of the nation states to be snuffed out by EUrabia. Once Israel is destroyed, the project will move on to destroy other Kaffir nation states leading to the ultimate objective of the worldwide Islamic caliphate.

Israel, though Jewish, is Christian Europe's front line. Hence the Biblical prophecy "Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed"

If you British, Dutch, Danish, Norwegians, Lithuanians, Poles, Greeks, Spanish and all the other nationalities in Europe wish to keep your cultural identity within the encompassing Judeo-Christian heritage, then bless Israel and ensure her survival.

If you fail to do so, then once they have finished with the Jews they will come for YOU."