Saturday, January 21, 2006

Fate of 'stressed' whale lies in the balance

Watching the British satellite coverage of this whale story from Russia has been almost as weird as watching the aftermath of Princess Diana's death. Whatever happened to the stiff upper lip and rational detachment for which the English were once known around the world?

It was obvious this whale was sick and disoriented. Non-English experts were saying yesterday that it should be left in peace to die. The British popular media, however, were crying out for the whale to be "saved". So to appease the ignorant, the poor creature was tormented in its final hours.

This contemptible semi-educated sentimentality is what passes for compassion in "caring" post-Thatcher Britain; it's about as genuine as a politician's conscience.

Telegraph | News | Fate of 'stressed' whale lies in the balance


Bishop Hill said...

Can we eat it now?

Raw Carrot said...

Good to see someone saying what we're all thinking... ;-)