Saturday, January 28, 2006

ITN Journalist arrested

Leaving aside for the moment the question of how "Black Information" differs from information, thanks to the "Black Information Network" for this story about Jean Charles de Menezes.

It seems three people are on police bail awaiting news of charges to be brought against them in connection with the case. Not those police officers, you understand, who held the defenceless and innocent Jean Charles down on a London Underground train and fired seven bullets into his head. Nor the two Blairs and a Clarke who ordered the illegal "shoot to kill" policy which was the ultimate cause of his death. Nor those whose negligence in commanding the police death squad was arguably the proximate cause. No-one actually involved in the killing has yet been charged. £100 says no-one ever will be.

No, those facing "justice" are a secretary, a journalist and a television producer. They are the people alleged to have brought to our screens a picture of Jean Charles lying on the train floor in his own blood. The picture was genuine and gave the lie to most of what we had been told about Jean-Charles' death. More than anything so far, it told the truth about the killing of an innocent man for which there was not even the merest scrap of an excuse. So, in effect, the three are on police bail for exposing official untruths.

What are we supposed to infer from this as to the priorities of our police and the Crown Prosecution Service?

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ContraTory said...

Leaving side the weighty matter raised in your post, I hope you are not making a Carbolic Smoke Ball mistake as regards the £100 "prize"!

Tom Paine said...

It's not a prize, it's a bet! Someone has to take me up on it.