Friday, April 08, 2005

Labour begging for the Muslim vote

Here you will find Labour boasting to Britain's Muslim community about (amongst other things) how quickly the government condemned the assassination by Israel of the leader of terrorist organisation Hamas.

So let's get this straight, shall we? Terrorism is a bad, bad thing - bad enough to justify the end of habeas corpus and the building of a police state in Britain. Bad that is, unless there are a few million votes to be had by condemning Israeli actions in its War on Terror.

Principled foreign policy; don't you just love it?

The Muslim Weekly

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Albion Blogger said...

Spot on.

I blogged about this from a slightly different angle ('Good Muslims don't vote Labour') wondering why a socially conservative group like the Muslims should even consider voting for a party that facilitates under-age sex, promotes drinking and gambling and does nothing at all to promote family and marriage.

That they're turning on Labour only because of its support for the war in Iraq - and not because every one of its values are contrary to everything contained in the Qu'aran - says something either about Muslim understanding of the world they live in or about their belief in their own religion.