Friday, April 15, 2005

a very British insurgency: Postal voting fraud crisis deepens

I am sitting in Frankfurt airport reading this in horror. What will it take to wake our people up?

When the IMF sent the bailiffs in on Britain in Denis Healey's time as Chancellor of the Exchequer, that national humiliation was a major cause of the Thatcher Revolution which overthrew 19th Century municipal, trade-union socialism.

Now we have international observers monitoring our elections; this in the country that invented modern parliamentary democracy. The only positive spin I can put on this humiliation is that maybe it will make more of our complacent countrymen THINK about what New Labour is doing to us and lead to similar wave of disgust.

I have no doubt that this election will be rigged using postal votes. If the government believed the postal votes were going to be honestly collected, they would not be mixing them in with the voting papers presented in person. Perhaps they don't want us to know that the postal votes are 110% New Labour, whereas the others are not?

a very British insurgency: Postal voting fraud crisis deepens


Albion Blogger said...

Thanks for the plug...

I'm glued to the television waiting for somebody to ask Blair or one of his minions how they can advocate the use now of a postal voting system which, after the election, he's going to reform due to it being wide open for abuse.


Tom Paine said...

Sadly, I think you will wait in vain, AB. This is the least spontaneous election I can remember. People speak to fake audiences who dutifully applaud. No real politician-to-voter contact is shown on TV. Whenever the cameras are there, reality must be managed. The only fun item so far was a piece on the news last night showing the rival campaign teams fighting off-camera (as they thought) to push "protesters" planted by the rival campaign managers out of shot.

Two sad thoughts: who are these people who consent to be planted in an audience? And how stupid do the parties think we all are to be so manipulated?

And a third sad thought: perhaps we ARE so stupid - would they do it if it didn't work?