Monday, June 27, 2005

ID card plan in turmoil

This would be a very reassuring story if we had a functioning democracy. Sadly, we do not. Our "opposition" has about as much chance of successfully opposing this monstrous, fascistic measure as I have of being elected chairman of the Ebbw Vale Labour Club.

Let's face it. There isn't enough Viagra on the planet to bring the Conservative Party back to political potency. This measure will only be stopped by civil disobedience. If millions of us make a nonsense of this by refusing to cooperate, it will be an historic moment for Britain.

We have disgraced ourselves for generations by being passive, pushover, voters. We submit routinely to outrages that would have our French brethren on the barricades. The State has grown bigger and bigger and there is no aspect of our lives that our politicians feel afraid to interfere with. This is our chance to stop the rot. The more respectable, law-abiding people who refuse to submit to this tyranny, the more policemen who are embarrassed by having to deal with their ethical superiors, the more politicians who have to answer for the idiocy of persecuting and harassing honest citizens, the sooner this nonsense will end. Please go now to HERE and register your pledge to resist.

Telegraph | News | ID card plan in turmoil

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Bishop Hill said...

And start sewing pockets into your underpants too!