Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Watchdog warns over ID scheme

How is it that the government can dismiss all opposition to its proposed ID Card and citizen database as misguided when its own "Information Commissar Commissioner" regards the measure as "excessive and disproportionate" and warns that it is leading us towards a "surveillance society" in which civil servants will have "a detailed picture of how every adult lives their lives?"

We are not fanatical "liberati" to use Blunkett's disdainfully dismissive word. We are free people who resent the construction of the infrastructure of totalitarianism in Britain. It's not just the card. As the Commissioner says, it has to be seen in the context of "CCTV with automatic facial recognition, automatic number plate recognition and proposals for the satellite tracking of vehicles for road use charging".

This must stop. Enough is enough. Speak for England and go HERE to register your pledge to resist peacefully, so that your children will never have to resist violently.

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