Friday, October 21, 2005

Councils could seize empty homes

Our government does not recognise the boundaries of its legitimate influence. If it wants more social housing, it can tax and spend on building some. Of course it has done so much taxing and spending already, that it knows it will be unpopular.

There is no way however that it should be entitled to use the property of others against their will. It already has compulsory purchase powers if it really wants to acquire property at fair value. Why should it have the right NOT to pay for it, but to use it anyway?

It is naff all to do with the State how our possessions are used. These proposals are outrageous.

BBC NEWS | UK | Councils could seize empty homes

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Anonymous said...

This sort of thing always upsets me. It really reinforces how much power the state can influence over private subjects.

Nottingham City Council have decided to seize 200 premisis in order to allow it to cash in on a bigger shopping centre - in the UK at the moment it seems more important that we have a bigger place to shop than if we respect the property of others. Disgraceful.