Sunday, October 09, 2005

Gypsy row AM faces censure

How can a political assembly debate issues if certain points of view are suppressed? I don't know if this Conservative member of the Welsh Assembly is prejudiced against Gypsies or not. Certainly the comments reported here are entirely innocuous. Try substituting "Welsh" or "English" for "gypsy travellers" and they remain entirely true. They are so innocuous, one wonders why he even bothered to make them. That they should provoke disciplinary proceedings is entirely bizarre.

Until I read something more damning, I shall assume that he has said nothing worse. His enemies would surely not be quoting such mild remarks if they had anything better.

We are living through a witch hunt in this country. The mad puritans who would forbid all dissent are our enemies; traitors to everything that makes our country worthy of affection and respect.

BBC NEWS | Wales | Gypsy row AM faces censure

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