Sunday, November 06, 2005

I hate England - Sunday Times - Times Online

It has long been the case that the only race which it is permissible to hate is the English. For proof, please read AA Gill's article in full. If you are English, be warned that you may find it offensive. It is clearly intended to be so. If the English are the lumpen, loutish, angry, bloodlusting would-be axe-wielders he portrays, we must at least be proud of our self-restraint. How else can we account for our murder rate being one third that of his beloved Scotland's? It is that same restraint that allows us to view with cool contempt the hatred of this affected twit.

When reading his words of wisdom, please apply my patent racism test. Substitute "Pakistani" or "Welsh" for every reference to the English. Then ask yourself if this clown deserves his sophisticated reputation.

I hate England - Sunday Times - Times Online


Anonymous said...

So leave and never come back! Who cares? By your very statement you have shown that your opinions are not worthy of consideration.

Tom Paine said...

Beats me what you mean by that, my anonymous friend. Where should I leave and why? I suspect you need to re-read something somewhere with a modicum of care. Or maybe I am missing the point of a very esoteric joke?