Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cameron's gambit pays off as Blair is isolated

It is remarkable that the leading Conservative newspaper should think that the Prime Minister is only now losing his moral authority. This is the man who has presided over the construction of a police state in Britain; who misled Parliament and people into supporting the war in Iraq; who has raised public expenditure to record levels to no visible effect (other than the purchase of votes from new public sector workers); who gave away two billion to the EU for no good reason (unless to buy goodwill for himself which may prove useful in a future career); who has lied spun his way into the nation's contempt; whose ministers have signally failed to prove - as he promised - "whiter than white".

And NOW he has lost his moral authority?

Apologies for the lack of activity this week. I am in an internet free zone in France. I was especially sad not to post yesterday - my first "blogiversary". I just wish I could say that freedom in Britain was more secure than a year ago.

Telegraph | Opinion | Cameron's gambit pays off as Blair is isolated

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Happy birthay Tom. Keep up the good work. Without a oubt your blog is one of the best there is.