Monday, June 19, 2006

Discriminate for Muslims, police urged

In the present dangerous situation for our country, I cannot think of anything more calculated to worsen our position than Trevor Phillips' proposal for yet more "positive discrimination". He has called for "debate". Please let him have it.

How many more of these ex-university politicians, still living the closed, unreal life of the student union, will inflict chaos on us? Jack Straw, Charles Clarke, Tony Blair and now Trevor Phillips all experienced their defining moments in the fake world of student politics.

Clarke is a contemporary of mine and I saw him in action, hair and beard modelled on Marx, chairing National Union of Students conferences as the leader of a "Broad Left" alliance of assorted Communists and other Lefties. That was the time when their key policy was "no platform for fascists and racists" - a fundamentally anti-free speech idea, designed to split the well-meaning from their liberal values.

Phillips is cut from the same cloth. He has no grasp of the thinking of ordinary people going about their business. Like the others, he has no substantial experience of the real world. He has gone almost directly from the unreal corridors of "play power" in the student union to the equally aloof corridors of real power.

The approach of such people - constantly seeking to tinker in order to manipulate thought, not actions - has generated genuine, active racial hatred (and hatred of gays) where there was none. People who might have made an off-colour remark or two, but would never have done any harm, are now genuinely, even passionately resentful of the privileges being granted to favoured minorities seen as clients of the Left.

We all now know that the lives of heterosexual men are worth - in sentencing terms - about half as much as the life of a homosexual man. Should Phillips have his way, if the sons of non-Muslims wish to join the police they may expect to be discriminated against on entry, constantly accused of racism and held back for promotion by comparison with Muslim colleagues.

Fighting largely imaginary fire with real fire will burn the people who do it. Resentment is rising in Britain. If people from less-favoured communities are subject to mistaken police raids, or even shot seven times in the head on the Tube, the government does not give a damn. If a Muslim or a gay experiences such a misfortune, we can expect riots on the streets, exhortations to bloody violence and an Establishment leaping to attention to twist the fabric of our society to suit a favoured minority.

I despise the so-called "Far Right". They are, as Norman Tebbitt recently explained, not "right wing" at all. They are vile Statists, just as determined to concentrate political power at the centre and interfere in individuals' lives as the left. They are just as determined to control "the means of production" and direct it politically. Their ideology is odiously based on favouring some racial groups over others, just as that of the Left is on favouring particular social groups over others. They are all enemies of freedom and equally to be despised.

The excesses of the socialists are now in danger of driving ordinary people into the arms of the fascists. Mr. Phillips should come down from his ebony tower and meet with the ordinary people of Britain before he drives them towards his most extreme enemies.

Discriminate for Muslims, police urged - Britain - Times Online

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