Friday, July 14, 2006

Comment is free | The Levy scandal is an accidental by-product of Blair's negligence

Polly Toynbee's article is barely worth the irritation engendered by reading it. There are no new insights to be gained into the psychological state of one of Britain's two best arguments for the restoration of the 11+

But the comments are fascinating. To watch Guardianistas in full denial is most entertaining. I love the phrase "...a law that no one even knew existed..." in mitigation of Lord Levy's alleged offence. How many of the many hundreds of new crimes created by Parliament under New Labour can the average Brit name? In my experience (I always ask the Brits I meet in Moscow to name some) they only know one - "hunting with hounds".

So if you break one of the others, don't worry. You are only breaking "a law that no one even knew existed".

Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | The Levy scandal is an accidental by-product of Blair's negligence


ContraTory said...

A general point - it is a trait of the "intellectual" Left that they ignore inconvenient facts. They develope this ability from an early age - they have to, because none of the social or economic theories in which they believe, actually work in practice. Thus it is not a question of "denial" because from their point of view, the inconvenient evidence does not really exist.

dearieme said...

Who is the other 11+ failure that you have in mind?

Tom Paine said...

Why John Prescott, of course! His bitterness about his brother passing while he (understandably) failed set him on the Socialist path of envy and bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear Polly on Any Questions the other day?

In a discussion about education she mentioned that she herself had failed the 11+, adding something like ".. so you see really I'm quite thick - I just had you all fooled".

Not all of us Polly - not by a long chalk ...