Thursday, August 10, 2006

BBC NEWS | Politics | Terror 'may force freedom curbs'

How interesting that when our our condescending Home Secretary was making this speech yesterday and telling us that we don't "get it," he knew about today's police operation to thwart "mass murder on an unmaginable scale".

It remains to be seen if the perceived threat was real. We all hope that the people arrested prove to be real terrorists, now out of circulation. Unfortunately the source of the intelligence which led to their arrests is the same bunch of clowns who brought you Iraqi WMD capable of being deployed in 45 minutes.

The taxpayers whose travel was disrupted today may yet find themselves paying compensation

Meanwhile, on cue, Gorgeous George was on the box busy telling us that we are to blame for the radicalisation of Islam.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Terror 'may force freedom curbs'

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Miss Carnivorous said...

Oh well, the Muslims bomb innocents, we in the West may arrest and try innocents from time to time. Shit happens.