Saturday, August 05, 2006

Gun fears follow Toni-Ann verdict

Here's a left-wing liberal media classic. A young black criminal kills a drug dealing rival with a gun, then shoots the man's seven year old daughter to prevent her giving evidence that he did it. He is caught, prosecuted and convicted. The judge directs he serve a minimum of forty years.

It is all clear enough. The killer is an evil man and has been brought to justice. End of story, right? Wrong!

First comes the usual clap trap from the "family" about the dead girl's "promising" future. Yes, right. Her mother abandoned her to the care of one of the drug dealing low lifes who just might have been her father, as the deluded fool apparently thought. DNA now shows he wasn't. Very promising. How the mother has the nerve to appear in public is a mystery. Where was she when her daughter was shot? No doubt making some other baby with a "promising future" of life with drug-dealing scum.

Secondly, we are told that young black men "lack opportunity" and "turn to gun crime". This man had the same bloody opportunities as the rest of us; the same crap schools, the same crap healthcare, and the same turn on the wheel of fortune to determine the quality of his parenting. He "turned to" drug dealing and ultimately to shooting a seven year old girl in cold blood. His choice. A choice that millions with the same opportunities (or lack thereof) didn't make.

Then "campaigner", Ms Ogole, tells us that "prisons don't really work". Right, love. Not as well as the gallows anyway. No doubt you disagree and think this scumbag should be released. Forgive us if we beg to differ.

At the risk of enraging the EU, as Poland's President has done, nothing less than the death penalty would be enough for him. Any life he has in jail will be more than he deserves, despite what I hope will be the best efforts of his cellmates to introduce him to retributive justice of the most animal kind. Please don't ask me to feel sorry for him.

Then of course the call for more gun control. How CAN there be more?! Even replica firearms are now illegal and the police only bother to turn up at the scene of a burglary if the householder has done some well-deserved harm to the burglar. We are defenceless and our police don't give a damn.

At present in Britain, it seems two categories of people have guns; trigger happy officers specialising in multiple lethal head shots to innocent targets, and dangerous criminals. What we need, it seems to me, are MORE guns, but in the hands of the respectable citizenry instead. I would willingly trade half the police officers in England for the right to keep a semi-automatic at home - and to use it freely the next time I find an intruder on my property.

I would even settle for not being afforded the special "whoops, sorry, I thought he was a terrorist" defence apparently enjoyed by the officers of CO19.

We gave up the right to bear arms in Britain as part of a social contract that our police would ensure we didn't regret it. They haven't. What now?

BBC NEWS | England | London | Gun fears follow Toni-Ann verdict


Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct.

dearieme said...

One of the great regrets of my life was that I sold my gun and gave up my licence. Fool!

Anonymous said...

The State has not kept its side of the Lockean social contract. ( ) Therefore, we are no longer under any moral obligation to keep our side of it.