Sunday, September 17, 2006

Iain Dale's Diary: The Top 100 Blogs

Congratulations to all my fellow bloggers on UK politics who are featured in Iain Dale's various "Top 100" lists. I am sure it will do your traffic a lot of good, as Iain is an influential chap these days.

I shall humbly consider what I must do to improve my blog so as to make it one day. Any suggestions?

Iain Dale's Diary: EXCLUSIVE: The Top 100 Conservative Blogs


Croydonian said...

If Iain had been aware of your blog, I do not doubt that it would have featured, and moreover, rated highly.

My only suggestion on 'improvement' is to publicise your blog more by posting on other blogs and thus building awareness of it.

The Daily Pundit said...

I second Croydonian: "it would have featured, and moreover, rated highly."

Not A. Loon said...

I third it. Without doubt one of the best.

Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader and whilst I enjoy your blog I do not perceive it as overtly political.

You certainly comment on politics many times, but only, I suspect, because of the micro-management of our lives by this particular group of psychotics who happen to be in power.

You also deal with moral aspects of our society which, naturally, should nowadays be absent from any truly poitical blog...

Tom Paine said...

John, that's interesting. I critique all sides, not because I am politically neutral (check out the sidebar!), but because all the major parties are utterly unsound on civil liberties issues at present. I think of this as a political blog and had not noticed the moral dimension. I guess that's my mother's influence coming out, all unbidden. Please be sure to update your bookmark to point to my new site at

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is your mother's influence is OK with me!

I will certainly update the bookmark and look forward to seeing you there. Good luck with your new home.

Unknown said...

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