Sunday, September 10, 2006

Prodicus: The Islamisation of European anti-Semitism

This post goes into many details which support my view, expressed a couple of days ago, that the revival of anti-Semitism in Britain is almost entirely attributable to our Muslim community.

Prodicus: The Islamisation of European anti-Semitism


dearieme said...

Did anyone doubt that the whiff of anti-semitism in Labour's last general election campaign was designed to appeal to the muslim voters that they were scared of losing?

Anonymous said...

I wondered why Livingstone is so careless when it comes to making remarks about/to Jews. Electoral arithmetic? Surely not.

Croydonian said...

Without a shadow of a doubt. I used to live near a shul, and on the main religious holidays there would always be a pair of rather nervous looking old men standing outside keeping watch. This was SW16 - not exactly a hot bed of neo-Nazi activity, but plenty of our Islamic chums.

Vis a vis Howard as Dracula, I detected more than vague echoes of the blood libel.