Thursday, September 15, 2005

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | McCartney intimidation 'growing'

This was obviously going to happen as soon as the story died down in the press. I sadly predict this family will eventually be killed. I also predict that Martin McGuinness will "not believe" republicans are involved in the killing and that the government will wring its hands and do nothing. After all there is a good chance that the killing will be done by murderers the government has released from prison under the terms of its surrender to the decades-long, US-funded campaign of terrorism by Sinn Fein/IRA.

If the leaders of the Orange Order are to be believed, the recent riots were started by unprovoked police violence. Who would believe that in Britain? Well, who would have believed that an innocent man in London could be shot by police without warning? Who would have believed an innocent civil servant could be driven to suicide (if that's what happened) by government hounding over his telling the truth to the press about the lies told to the people to justify war in Iraq?

Things are going badly wrong in many ways in our country.

Is it possible that the terms of the surrender involve the British Government turning its forces against the loyalist population? Perhaps it is trying to accelerate acceptance by Protestants of Northern Ireland's absorption into the Irish Repbulice?

Unless something changes in British politics I also sadly predict that the government will do all it can, despite Blair's brave words to the UN today, to appease the forces of radical Islam in Britain. We are in for a long war on terrorism because our leaders are not really on our side.

Meanwhile, the government seems most interested in using terrorism as an excuse to increase its powers.

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | McCartney intimidation 'growing'

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