Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hero's return for Labour heckler

Labour said Mr Wolfgang could return for the conference's final day provided he did not cause further disturbances.

How dare they accuse a man of causing a "disturbance", when he was acting in the finest traditions of British democracy?

This story says it all about New Labour. They are control freaks and habitual abusers of power. The Prevention of Terrorism Act was used against this old man - a refugee from Nazism no less - for simply exercising his right to free speech. That cannot be blamed on "over-zealous stewards".

For that matter, if the Labour leadership thought the stewards were acting incorrectly, why did they not intervene? They were watching it happen. Whatever damage limitation their PR people advise today, it seems reasonable to infer that their silence at the key moment indicated approval of the stewards' actions.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Hero's return for Labour heckler:

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