Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Call to end sex education opt-out

See what I mean? Minutes after I agree with the so-and-sos for the first time in my life, they show their true colours and make me regret my words.

"Parents cannot be relied upon to teach their children about sex" says the Liberal Democrat health spokesman. The State can, apparently.

It does not matter whether parents can be relied upon to do what a Lib Dem wants. It does matter that parents are free to bring their children up their own way. Look at successive advice from health officials on such issues as whether to put your baby to sleep on its front, back or side. What was obligatory one year, became dangerous the next.

Some parents may not do the right thing. Most do. All have the right to try. Governments can be GUARANTEED to do the wrong thing. Any party with pretensions to the name "liberal" should understand that.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Call to end sex education opt-out

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