Monday, October 03, 2005

Compulsory pensions? He kept that quiet

Amid all the coverage of Labour's jackboot conference policing methods, and in my indignation at Tony Blair's unsatisfied urges to destroy liberty, I missed this one. So, it seems, did almost everyone else.

Are we really so easily fooled by the misuse of language? "Moving beyond voluntarism" is an amazing euphemism for "compulsion", isn't it?

Telegraph | Opinion | Compulsory pensions? He kept that quiet


Bag said...

Well. It will soon not be worth working with all the perks you get on the dole. Free dental, if you can find a dentist, free rent, some booze money, money for the investments, sorry, kids and now a further saving on tax of about 15%.

Serf said...

If the bugger had not raided our pension funds in the first place, he would need to force us to save.