Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blair vows terrorists won't win

In a moment like this, all Brits want to rally to the flag. Our way of life is under attack and it's understandable to want to hit back.

Obviously we are all sorry for those killed and injured today. Everyone sympathises with the families of those who have suffered in such a senseless way.

However, if the Prime Minister is serious about the terrorists not winning he must resist the temptation to "do something". These people are criminals. Let the police and security forces hunt them down. Let our spies infiltrate their organisations. But this is a time for the legislature to wait and see. Hard cases make bad laws.

No-one can prevent such madmen from doing what they have done today. We should hunt them down and deal with them severely. The best we can do to deter others is to stand firm and show that such actions change nothing.

Blair's stance on this is compromised by his effective surrender in Northern Ireland, of course. In the weeks to come, he might consider how rewarding terrorists there has encouraged others to hope for similar results.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair vows terrorists won't win

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