Thursday, July 21, 2005

No proof bombers Muslims - Bakri

Technically of course, he's right. Somehow, however, I don't thing Omar Bakri Mohammed has the presumption of innocence in mind. That he should live in Britain for 20 years and then state publicly that he would not co-operate with the British police, even to alert them to another terrorist attack - suggests we are not doing so well at integrating him into our society.

Many of us are reluctant to cooperate with a British police force which has become politicised, bureaucratic and biased against the middle classes. Distrustful though we may feel however, I am sure we would ring 999 without hesitation if there was a 1% chance to save an innocent life.

That he sees more reason to condemn the elected leaders of the free world, than to condemn Osama bin Laden, suggests it's time we gave up trying to integrate Mr Mohammed. In fact, if we have not been so rash as to give citizenship to this barbarian, then I see no reason why he should not be on the very next plane to Syria.

If he were a citizen, he would have every right to his bizarre views as long as he did not put them into action or incite others directly to do so. If he is a Syrian citizen however, then let Syria respect his rights.

BBC NEWS | UK | No proof bombers Muslims - Bakri

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