Friday, July 29, 2005

Shot Brazilian was here with a fake visa

The smear campaign against the wicked young Brazilian who dared to embarrass our beloved government by getting shot continues. He came as a student, overstayed and worked as an electrician. Obviously he therefore deserved to die. I am glad we cleared that up.

The intellectual firepower of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair is once more on impressive display. He is quoted here as saying that his officers, the killers, "faced the risk of certain death." Classic. If it was certain, it wasn't a risk, Ian. And as it never happened, it can't have been certain.

What they actually faced, poor loves, was the remote risk of meeting an electrician in London. They would certainly never have shot him if they knew what he did for a living. Electricians are so hard to find that they probably wouldn't have killed him even if he were a jihadist, had they been aware.

Let's hope they don't kill any more tradesmen. Thanks to having equipped the the whole working class with marketing degrees to lend some style to their idleness, we probably have more suicide bombers in Britain than we have competent plumbers.

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