Monday, July 18, 2005

Think tank warns over Bush alliance

This article presents a dilemma. Ignoring the snide tone of anti-Americanism for the moment (probably introduced by the Daily Mail anyway), I agree with the basic conclusions of the Chatham House "think tank." It concludes that Britain faces increased exposure to terrorism because of our alliance with the USA in the war against terror. So what? What exactly are we supposed to do with the Chatham House conclusions? Repudiate the United States? Declare a jihad? Award posthumous knighthoods to the London suicide bombers?

We can disagree over tactics in this war. The allies have clearly made a mess of post-invasion issues in Iraq. Bush and Blair are to be criticised severely for their lack of forethought. We can even disagree over whether Iraq was the right place to start in confronting the sick fanatics of Islam. The heart of Islamic darkness is in Saudi Arabia. Maybe we should have started there? But then imagine the reaction if the "infidels" were now in possession of Mecca. The bleeding hearts of the British Left would be denouncing our cultural insensitivity.

We are now locked in a struggle to the death with evil men. It's not our choice. They began it on 9/11. That rather implies that our enemies will get us if we don't get them first. So let's get them. Doing so with the support of the world's leading military power seems likely to be more effective than doing it alone. The faster and the more lethally we deal with our enemies, the sooner they will be unavailable to our rulers as an excuse to restrict our freedoms.

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