Friday, August 19, 2005

Brazil investigates

On the one hand I am embarrassed for Britain that our police killed an innocent Brazilian. I feel we owe Brazil an apology. On the other hand, I am glad that - if such a thing had to happen - it should be to a citizen of a foreign government. Not because I dislike foreigners, but because a foreign government can be relied upon to make a fuss.

If a British citizen had been shot that day, would the death of an innocent man be properly investigated? Our rulers are past-masters of the rigged public enquiry. It is remarkable that the current "independent" enquiry will take 3-6 months and that our leaders will refuse to discuss it until the report is published. They can count on something happening in such a period to distract attention. They also have all the apparatus of State patronage available to help persuade those conducting the enquiry to " a Hutton..."

I am prepared to bet that the secretary who leaked documents to ITN will suffer more severe consequences than the officer who killed Jean Charles de Menezes, or the people in authority who authorised the illegal policy of "shoot to kill". My best hope of being proved wrong is the Brazilian government. More power to its elbow.

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