Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ITN - Mistakes led to tube shooting

This report suggests that the Metropolitan Police have systematically lied to us. Every element of the reportedly "suspicious" behaviour of Mr de Menezes appears to have been fabricated.

He was not wearing bulky clothes. He was not carrying a bag. He did not ignore a warning (because none was given). He did not vault the ticket barrier. In fact, he paused to pick up a newspaper. He did not run away; he was shot point blank by plain-clothes officers.

None of those alleged behaviours would, in my opinion, have justified the killing. Nothing on earth can justify that all the allegations were lies. Nor can anything justify the smear campaign after the event, when all concerned must have known they were blackening the name of an innocent man.

What does it take in Blair's Britain for a responsible public official to resign? Surely Commissioner Ian Blair must go? Immediately after the incident he stated publicly that de Menezes was challenged and refused to obey police instructions. He must have known that was a lie.

Surely the killers must be brought to trial so that justice may be done? If the officers who fired the shots acted in good faith, they may well be found not guilty. Those who gave the orders - and subsequently told the lies -may not.

Any one of us could have died that day. Nothing we could have done would have saved us. Jean Charles de Menezes had no chance. That is a national disgrace.

ITN - Mistakes led to tube shooting

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