Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Minister to meet Muslim leaders

I do not understand how Minister Blears is able to deal with these so-called "leaders". Who selected them? What right do they have to speak for British Muslims? Do British Muslims have a more valid view on the issue of terrorism than the rest of us? If so, why?

The government is in danger of exacerbating the problem. Day after day one unelected group after another is seen to be earnestly consulted as to its views, based on the violent actions of a minority in the same "community". While these unelected "community leaders" are treated with utmost respect, the rest of us are admonished against our supposed predisposition to "islamophobia". Neither stance makes sense.

The government is giving several dangerous messages at present. I wish I could say they were conflicting. It has just surrendered to the IRA in Northern Ireland, releasing killers on to the streets to wear their "old comrades" blazers with pride. This was achieved after long negotiations with "community leaders" connected, so we are told, only by ethnicity and faith.

Several Muslims have recently committed murder and treason and the goverment has already invited "community leaders" for discussions of grievances and to "hear" the "genuine anger" of their young people.

Bomb the Tube; your brothers in faith and ethnicity meet a Minister. "Knee-cap" your enemies; your brothers in faith and ethnicity become Ministers.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not advocating political violence. But our government seems to be.

BBC NEWS | Politics | Minister to meet Muslim leaders

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