Friday, August 12, 2005

Health divide widens between rich and poor

Billions of pounds have been thrown at the NHS and yet the poor who most depend on it can expect almost twice as many of their babies to die as those of the better-off.

That the second largest organisation on Earth (after the Chinese People's Liberation Army) should be the state healthcare system of a little island off Northern Europe is absurd. That such a bloated organisation should be an inefficient producer-driven cooperative is no surprise. Like so much of the British public sector it is a "voter farm" for employees whose life outside the real economy depends on keeping the Left in power.

There are those Marxists who say, despite having experimented on more than half of humanity during the 20th Century, that "real Marxism" has not yet been tried. Similarly, the devotees of the NHS continue to argue that it just needs more money. It does not. It needs to be closed. It would disgrace a nation with a GDP less than its budget. It is well past time for Britain to explore other healthcare options.

Telegraph | News | Health divide widens between rich and poor

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