Friday, September 09, 2005

Islamic stance on women can be oppressive, says Cherie

Well duh. It's interesting that the Telegraph thinks these remarks by the Prime Minister's wife have "caused embarrassment". To whom, for God's sake? Not women, that's for sure.

I suggest we ask every country in the world if it's embarrassed by Mrs Blair's remarks and withdraw our ambassadors from every country that replies "yes". Then we could impose visa requirements and an immigration quota of zero on all its citizens and expel any of them who might be living in Britain at present.

People who think Britain should soft-pedal on human rights in order to "improve relations" with the Islamic world are spiritual descendants of those who would have thought it was tactless to talk about Jews in the presence of Nazis. To hell with them. Carry on, Cherie.

"Telegraph | News | Islamic stance on women can be oppressive, says Cherie

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Serf said...

Cherie plays it both ways. That way she can rake in more fees for supporting Muslim Rights and Women's rights.