Thursday, July 28, 2005

IRA 'expected to issue statement'

How are we supposed to feel when our government orders the release of a vicious killer like Sean Kelly? Kelly left a bomb in a fish shop, killing nine people. Now he is free. The government is giving the IRA everything it wants, releasing murderer after murderer to swagger around Northern Ireland's bars as "heroes" for the rest of their lives; walking insults to every decent Ulsterman - and the memory of Ulster's dead.

The government isn't even putting the terrorists to the test as to the seriousness of their peaceful intentions. No weapons are to be handed over. No interval is to elapse between cessation of criminal activities and the release of IRA members. The government is simply taking the IRA thugs at their word. Actually they are taking them at a word not yet spoken, with the latest release made "in anticipation" of an IRA "statement". What message does this send to others in Britain inclined to terrorism?

Would an Ulsterman who shot Kelly be convicted of murder, if his defence was he thought Kelly might have a concealed bomb? It would be a more reasonable supposition than that made by the policeman who recently shot Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent man with no terrorist history.

I doubt the government would use taxpayers money to send Kelly's killer on holiday, as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has reportedly done for the officer who shot de Menezes eight times; seven into his head as he was held down, helpless.

The ethical degenerates who lead us are more likely to buy holidays for IRA killers.

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | IRA 'expected to issue statement'


Anonymous said...

Tom, you seem to have missed much of the news footage surrounding the recent Loyalist feud. How many of these guys were released under the same terms to 'swagger' around the streets of East Belfast?

Anonymous said...


Well said. Fully agree with your sentiment. It is an affront to all democrats. Blair is a two faced monster who has hammered one more NAIL in the coffin of liberty in the UK

Tom Paine said...

Levee, I would not release any of these scumbags until they were past swaggering.

Serf said...

I'd break the bastards knees first. That'd stop them swaggering.