Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Celtic canary in the UK's coal mine

The Telegraph's opinion piece on Scotland this morning might make beleaguered English taxpayers smile, but it shouldn't. Scotland's population is declining. Its Socialist paradise needs immigrants. The Telegraph explains that its demographic time bomb is at the point where Bond film directors make the countdown timer a key part of the action and asks:

"Where are the immigrants going to come from? The birth rate is falling everywhere but the pre-modern world, ie, Africa and large swaths of Islam. Assuming that a talented Indian wished to leave his own land, which has the fastest-growing middle class in the world, why would he eschew America or Australia in order to go to Aberdeen and spend his working life supporting the elderly unsackable hordes of superfluous primary-school teachers?"

If the leader writer assumes the Scots care, he is wrong. The English will support those people for them. Failing that, they expect the Germans and Austrians to do so, via the EU. The one nation they don't plan to support them is Scotland.

Telegraph | Opinion | The Celtic canary in the UK's coal mine

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