Monday, January 09, 2006

Tories to rule out new grammars

If Cameron's Conservatives win, how exactly will Britain be different?

As a victim of comprehensive education, I am inclined to see attitudes to selection in education as a key "sanity test" for politicians. In no other country in which I have lived can anyone comprehend Britain's Marxist approach to the issue. No policy is more damaging, both to individuals and to the nation's competitive position. The sheer waste of talent is incredible. No nation can hope to compete as a high wage economy if most of its intelligent young people have no access to decent education.

If education is to be tailored to academic ability, ability must be tested. If you disagree with this proposition, you are an ideologue not an educator.

BBC NEWS | Education | Tories to rule out new grammars


Dustin said...


so misguided.
i am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Another sign that Mr. Cameron is failing to deliver what any rational Tory would call for:
- grammar schools;
- NHS reform;
- slashing benefits;
- tough on criminals;
- lower taxes.

David Vance said...

It's shocking Tom - we have quite a debate going on A TANGLED WEB on the topic - I fully agree with you. I was lucky enough to go through a Grammar School system and I want the choice to be there for future generations but the radical egalitarians want us to be dumbed down morons with a brace of worthless grade A's - full of sound and fury and signifying NOTHING.