Thursday, January 19, 2006

Menezes shooting probe completed | the Daily Mail

One wonders how the IPCC can have properly investigated this case without interviewing the Metropoliitan Police Commissioner, the Home Secretary or the Prime Minister. It seems that the "shoot to kill" policy (which could only have been legalised by Parliament enacting, in effect, a new defence to murder) was endorsed by all three.

Government does not make the laws; Parliament does. True, it has pretty much done what it was told in recent years, but this time it was not even asked for its rubber stamp.

If the policemen who killed Jean Charles de Menezes are to be charged, then they should not stand in the dock alone. They killed him on standing orders from above. Orders from a gang boss are no excuse for the actions of a hit man, but the gang boss is responsible too.

Menezes shooting probe completed | the Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

I know "all life is precious" as we are forever being told, but I still fail to see quite why there is so much fuss being made over a man who shouldn't have even been in our country... By all means investigate it so as to ensure no innocent British citizens get shot in the head, but no compensation should ever have been offered, and at the end of the day I'm sick and tired of Justice4Jean. He was here illegally, he'd doctored his passport, and was, obviously, not paying a penny in NI or income tax.

Tom Paine said...

7 bullets in the head seems a little excessive for tax evasion, don't you think? Even Gordon Brown hasn't yet gone that far. It could have been either of us, RC, isn't that the point? Or someone who means as much to us as this man did to his family.