Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pair face death penalty over student's murder

Personally, as long as all defendants have a right to representation and a fair trial, I have no problem with the death penalty in suitably serious cases. So much for libertarians being soft on crime.

However, this Thai case smells badly.

The outcome is far too convenient for the Thai government and tourist industry, it seems to turn on a confession, albeit then supported by (untested by the defence) DNA evidence. The trial lasted less than a day.

The defendants pleaded guilty (which almost never happens in murder trials) and the only logical reason for them to do so was the prospect of clemency. Now they are to be executed. As Tony Soprano would say, what the ****?

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Pair face death penalty over student's murder


Anonymous said...

I thought the pair were shopped by their fellow fishermen, who heard them boasting about how "delicious" she was?

Tom Paine said...

That's the story, but no-one with their life at stake would just say "fair cop". In the human hierarchy of needs, survival comes first. It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... still, even if it's an illusion of justice it's better than the near complete lack of justice we see in our courts every day.