Sunday, January 22, 2006

Death to the Scottish Raj

As long as the Act of Union remains in force, we have no basis to complain about being ruled by Scots, as illustrated here (hat tip to Drinking from Home).

Scotland is now a voter farm for Socialism. Some estimate that half its population are clients of the Welfare State; whether living on benefits, dishing them out or administering other State organs of the British Peoples' Republic. Is it any wonder that the Scots are more political? Most of them are more likely to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster than they are of private sector production. For most countrymen of Adam Smith the wealth of their nation is now more likely to come from the British Treasury than the invisible hand of the market.

The English naively focus on wealth generation only to watch the fruits of their labours baked into ever more unsavoury Socialist pies by Scottish chefs. More than half of mankind lived under Socialism in the 20th Century. Everywhere it was tried it failed. Where men are not led by the invisible hand, they must eventually be coerced by State power. The growth of such power in Britain is no accident, but the necessary consequence of the Socialism imposed and led by the Celtic fringe.

It is time to accept that the Act of Union has failed. Let England quit the United Kingdom (and with it the EU of which the UK is a member). Let the English people drive their oppressors north of Hadrian's Wall. Let the Scottish people teach us Socialism by making it work within their own boundaries - and good luck to them.

Drinking From Home: The Scottish Raj

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