Saturday, May 14, 2005

Call to boycott 'hoodie' ban mall

A children's charity has hit out at the "stereotypes and prejudices" behind the Bluewater shopping centre ban on baseball caps and "hoodies".

This little story continues to have "legs" because it is revealing about attitudes. John Prescott has joined the debate, complaining that he feels "intimidated" by youths dressed in this way. As a man who has actually assaulted a voter in full view of TV cameras, one would think Mr. Prescott would stay out of this one!

New Labour really has become the New Establishment and seems determined to create "New Snobbery", "New Exclusion" and "New Boring-old-fartness" to cement its position. Its conviction that it has the right to rule as a "natural party of government" will distance it more and more from many who still think a Government is there to serve them, not to tell them how to live.

Those who commit crimes should face prosecution and punishment on an even-handed basis. Private shopping centres should be able to exclude any visitors they don't want, without having to resort to stupid rules which lump offenders together with the honest and respectable. But dressing in a way that frightens old sailors should not be the concern of Government.

BBC NEWS | England | Kent | Call to boycott 'hoodie' ban mall

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Anonymous said...

I don't live in Brittan, but I know some people who do. So, given the context of these rules I really have to agree with them. There comes a point where attacks and things get so out of hand that the government is forced to take a side. If they take away the ban on hoodies, I think that these hooligans should be shot or tasered. You want to commit a crime with your face obscured? Then you should face the same penalties as the criminals who wear full face ski masks to commit their crimes, and dealt with in the same manner during the commission of the crime.