Thursday, May 26, 2005

Paine's Law of blogging

Have any other bloggers noticed that the busier they are, the more they blog? I have been working solidly all day (apart from a Russian lesson which partly consisted of translating my blog to a bemused teacher). I am under pressure, trying to bring a long-running deal to a satisfactory (or at least well-documented) close. But I have posted more entries than on any day since I started this blog. Any theories?


Not A. Loon said...

There's an old saying.... If you want a job doing quickly, give it to a busy man.

Albion Blogger said...

When you have nothing to do your whole internal system slows down. You feel like doing nothing.

When you have plenty to do the hormones race, the blood pumps and you work every second of the minute, every minute of the hour.

When you're busy you're alive...