Wednesday, May 04, 2005

However you vote, give Mr Blair a bloody nose

It sticks in my throat to blog a leader from the Daily Mail, but this one says quite well what many of us think. Lovers of liberty are on the back foot in Britain today. Few hope to see the party that abolished habeas corpus thrown out with all the violence that action alone deserves. Even the Mail concedes that a Tory victory is unlikely - not that the authoritarian Michael Howard is much of a torch-bearer for freedom.

Today's Mail leader column urges voters to use their vote tactically to reduce Labour's majority. It's the best we can hope for. Labour "rebels" are typically in safe seats. Labour MP's in marginals are most likely to submit tamely to party discipline. Without those pathetic sheep, Blair could never have succeeded in his assault on our liberties. Without them, there may be just enough principled libertarians in Labour's ranks to save us from the police state that he, Brown, Clarke and the odious Blunkett want to impose on us.

Our democracy is imperfect and it's very likely that there is nothing on the menu tomorrow that appeals to your tastes. Please use your vote anyway as the crude weapon that it is. Do whatever you can to weaken New Labour's power.

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Bishop Hill said...

It's wishful thinking for there to be anything other than a handful of Labour rebels. Count the rebels here

Any new Labour MPs are likely to be identikit Blairite sheep.

Serf said...

Give him a smaller majority and the pressure will build up over the course of the next parliament. When can at least have a big argument over where we want the country to go, without him being able to sneer at us from on high.