Friday, May 13, 2005

Unruly pupils should 'go private'

Another wonderful idea from the British left-liberal elite. Let's take the hard cases who disrupt the education of others in State schools and have them disrupt that of children whose parents have paid for private education.

The private schools are under threat because the Government wants to remove their charitable status unless they provide wider "social benefits". This seems to amount to a planned nationalisation by stealth. It could result in those who pay high school fees (in addition to taxes for State education they don't use) paying yet more to compensate for the failings of State education. It would be disturbingly easy for the Government to add taking in disruptive pupils to its list of blackmail demands.

The private schools need to start buying land in Ireland now. This doctrinaire Government is perfectly capable of destroying everything that is good in Britain just to conceal how bad is the service it provides itself.

Note the implicit admission that the private sector does a better job. Doublethink is the norm in the Peoples' Republic of Britain.

BBC NEWS | Education | Unruly pupils should 'go private'

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