Thursday, May 26, 2005

Teenager handed hoodie ban

Young Mr Carroll does not sound like the sort of chap I would like my daughter to bring home. Indeed, a spell in some kind of youth custody institution would seem to be in order while we wait for him to graduate to prison.

However, it still makes a farce of the law to use it for the purposes described here. Attacking people and cutting down lampposts are certaintly problems. The clothes he wears are not.

Why stop here? If he has short hair, why not make him grow it long? If he has red hair, why not make him dye it blonde? If he supports Man U, why not make him watch Man City? If he has a Nintendo, why not swap it for a PlayStation?

This is all such nonsense. I still identify with my nation and I find this just too embarrassing. Why on earth are the courts cooperating?

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Teenager handed hoodie ban

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