Friday, May 27, 2005

Mail - news, sport, showbiz, health and more | Doctors call for kitchen knife ban

Where will this "Nanny State" spirit ever end? The Daily Mail reports today that some doctors want to criminalise cooks who use kitchen knives for their designed purpose because bad people sometimes use such knives to wound others.

What about the wicked people who knock their enemies down using cars then? Or hit them over the head with cricket bats? Or strangle them with washing lines?

It is not the weapon that causes the crime, but the criminal. It is the behaviour of the criminal that needs to be addressed, not the implements available to him. The warped logic that claims deaths would be avoided if these knives were not available is no credit to the quality of teaching in our medical schools. If someone was prepared to equip themselves with a kitchen knife for offensive purposes, he will - if such knife is not available - equip himself with something else.

The idea that millions of existing kitchen knives (not to mention billions of them available as perfectly ordinary household objects in every other country of the world) can be banished from Britain is ridiculous too.

I have visions of Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes and Raymond Blanc lining up outside their local police station to hand in their kitchen equipment under the terms of an amnesty. I would laugh, but commonsense is so dead in modern Britain that it could happen.

the Mail online | Mail - news, sport, showbiz, health and more | Doctors call for kitchen knife ban

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Steve said...

The way things are going we should all be brushing up on our flint-knapping skills