Saturday, February 04, 2006

Angry Muslims Stage London Protests

Look at the banners on the picture of Muslims protesting in London. "Massacre those who insult Islam" is legitimate freedom of speech apparently. I am prepared to buy that, but it seems a trifle hypocitical.

Angry Muslims Stage London Protests


running_half_free said...

try having your religion abused, then say how u feel.

Tom Paine said...

I am not such a self-pitying wreck as to seek the status of "victim".

If Muslims in the West don't want to live by Western values, then there are plenty of backward, ignorant, unfree states in which they can live in a safe cocoon of censorship and anti-semitic propaganda.

I say nothing of the protests in such countries. I only note the irony of the protests in England where two men are still facing charges for declaring Islam a "wicked, vicious religion". How can it be wrong to "incite religious hatred" but RIGHT for the Muslims carrying those banners to incite murder.

Personally, I think both sides should be free to state their views. I agree with neither, but I defend their right to express themselves.

Of course Muslims are welcome to stay in Britain. The only price we set for tolerating their views, is that they tolerate ours. That seems fair to me.

ContraTory said...

I should have felt more comfortable had this row broken out because some Danish newspaper had become embroiled in an intellectual argument about the validity of Islam. Then it would have been a straight forward "freedom of speech" issue. The cartoons looked like a mickey take to me and the later republishing, a two-finger gesture.
On this occasion, moderate Muslims might have a legitimate grievance.